LNG Carrier ships For Sale -LNG Ships For Sale

LNG Carrier ships For Sale -LNG Ships For Sale

LNG Ships for sale LNG carrier ships for sale Lng Vessels for Sale

LNG Ship is a specialized carrier that manufactured to transport liquefied natural gas across the ocean. LNG ships transport LNG at atmospheric pressure boiling point that is approximately -162 °C

Type of LNG Ships 

  2. Membrane (Gaz Transport or Tecnigaz)
  4. IHI SPB


As we know Natural gas is a ready to use source of fuel. It is not easy and economical to transport it by ship in its gaseous state. But If the gas is converted to liquid, its volume will be only 1/600 of when in the gaseous state. After liquefaction transportation by sea becomes very easy and economical.  In order to liquefy natural gas can be liquefy if the temperature is down to minus °ะก163. This temperature must be maintained during the cargo storage, loading and unloading and sea voyage of the gas Ship.

and steel becomes brittle at low temperature, in order to ensure safe transportation, gas carriers/ships are equipped with large amount of insulation. In the world two types of  tanks installed onboard of LNG carrier Ships: spherical standalone tanks and membrane-integrated tanks.

The Biggest class of LNG carriers is called QMax. This ship/ vessels have maximum dimensions of length 345 metres, breadth 54 metres and draught 12 metres and its belong to Qatar. LNG Ships of this kind can carry 266 000 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas in five membrane-integrated tanks.

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